Be rewarded
for social activity

  • Get #crypto tokens as a reward for your posts
  • Send tokens to any friend or any blogger on social media
  • Sign up and get free airdrop of 50 SNAX
Snax rewards content creators on popular social platforms

The more social weight your content has, the more SNAX tokens you will get.

You don't need a cross-posting to another platform with a tiny userbase: just stay on a platform you are, do the same activity and get SNAX tokens automatically.

Snax analyzes hundreds of gigabytes of data everyday

of tweets and posts


of social engagements (likes, replies, reposts)

Send SNAX to anyone by their Twitter or Steem account name

Recipient doesn't have to be registered on Snax and can get your transfer later. All transactions are instant and free!

Run smart-contracts to create games and social applications

First blockchain supporting secure interactions between dApps and users of social networks.

SNAX token is listed on
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Here're the most asked questions
  • What is Snax?What is Snax?112019-02-01

    Snax is a blockchain platform. It was created for people to receive rewards for their social activity (tweets, Instagram posts, and so on) and to make instant free micropayments without leaving their favorite social platform. Developers can use Snax blockchain to create decentralized social applications (social dApps).

  • What is SNAX token?What is SNAX token?112019-02-01

    SNAX token is a basic utility token of Snax blockchain. SNAX tokens provide Snax network operationing. Main cases of SNAX tokens using are:

    • Purchase of network's computational resources

    • Regular Publisher Rewards payments

    • Block Producers Rewards payments

    • Voting for Block Producers

  • What is Snax.One?What is Snax.One?112019-02-01

    Snax.One provides simple wallet interface for your Snax blockchain account and shows some data from Snax blockchain. Snax.One is a web3 application, running with browser extension. Snax.One is working locally on your computer, connecting directly to the Snax blockchain. It means, that Snax.One doesn't store any data related to your Snax blockchain account.

  • Does Snax conduct ICO?Does Snax conduct ICO?112019-02-01

    No, Snax Foundation didn't conduct ICO. Instead, Snax Foundation decided to issue 16% of all SNAX tokens at the launch to reserve part of tokens for platform support. The majority of this tokens is kept on the special escrow smart contract, which doesn’t allow us to use the budget uncontrollably.

  • How can I earn SNAX tokens?How can I earn SNAX tokens?112019-02-01

    There're 2 basic ways:

    • Keep creating content interesting for your subscribers. The more interactions your post causes (comments, likes, reposts, and so on), the more your Publisher Reward is.

    • Become a Block Producer. More information about Block Producers Rewards you can find in Snax whitepaper

  • Does Snax distribute tokens for free? For what?Does Snax distribute tokens for free? For what?112019-02-01

    Not for free, but for the popular content. That’s the way to attract more social influencers to Snax community. The more publishers are registered on Snax, the more helpful is Snax network for every user.

  • Which social media does Snax support?Which social media does Snax support?112019-02-01

    At this time Snax supports only Twitter.

  • I rarely publish any content on social media, how can I use Snax?I rarely publish any content on social media, how can I use Snax?112019-02-01

    You can donate SNAX tokens to the publishers you want to support. They don’t have to be necessarily registered on Snax  — they can receive your transaction at any moment after they sign up into Snax.

  • How much SNAX tokens will be issued?How much SNAX tokens will be issued?112019-02-01

    100'000'000'000 SNAX in the 1st stage of the supply emission and no more than 2'000'000'000 SNAX per a year after that (in the 2nd stage).


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